Anyone who plays Video Games will at some point in their life will say “I want to work in the games industry”. This is a nice thought but it really isn’t that easy. I can certainly speak from experience. I managed to make it into the industry on my own, with the help of a Microsoft employee.

My job is to write about anything and everything that is relevant to gaming, and sometimes to write about stuff that isn’t. Now the main reason for me writing this article is because I get a lot of emails from people wanting to know “why am I playing a game before they come out” or “how to get games for free“.

Unfortunately I will not, and cannot share my PR contacts, but I will give you some advice on how to write to them and what sort of things you should avoid when contacting these people. The first thing that was told to me was from another writer, “Remember these companies are not faceless, you are talking to a real person”. That piece of advice has served me well so far, and I have received some pretty big titles before release.

Lets move onto emailing “The Big Three” which are (Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo). If you manage to get an email address to contact these guys, then the first thing I will say to you is be patient! As these guys are very very busy and they don’t have to talk to you, and you are asking them for stuff that they don’t have to give you. Lets start off with my favourite company.

Microsoft: I love this company, for gaming, not Windows. Everyone at Microsoft gets back to me usually within a matter of minutes, and with a very polite and helpful response. Even during E3, I still received the response and service that I have become used to. This is why I like this company so much.

Sony: First off im going to say this as I love my Xbox. But even though I contacted them during and before E3 they took several weeks to reply. I know these guys are very busy during this massive event, but Microsoft managed to get back to me during E3. Now the obvious reply from Sony is or would be our E3 presentation was better and we had to spend a lot of time and resources on it. But my answer to that is, even the out of office email which has another email address to contact was a dead-end (no response either). Now I know if Sony was not interested they could have just said no.

Nintendo: The jury is still out on this one as I have sent them around 13 emails and I have only received one email saying they have passed it on. But yet again these guys like the other two are very very busy. And at the end of the day if your just an individual or small website trying to get in touch with them you will have to be very patient.

Now I have written about contacting “The Big Three” I would like to talk a little about how you should go about keeping your “end of the deal” if you are successful in getting games and promo material sent out. Just thinking to yourself that you will be able to churn out reviews in two days in certainly is the wrong way to go. I can give you a good example, lets say you get sent the new Final Fantasy (which is about 50 hours long) and then 2 days later you get sent a new RPG (also around 50+ hours) what do you do? Well you going to have to play 100+ hours and then write two reviews while going about your daily routine.

So the best way to keep up your “end of the deal” is to write the reviews as quickly but as professionally as possible. Now that sounds like an obvious answer but what I mean by that is actually put in 16 – 20 hours a day on your console to keep everybody happy, but just be prepared to give up your sleep for few nights. Time management is key to making you a success in this tough industry, at the end of the day you need to treat every review like the first one you did to get into the industry, and prove to these companies that they should choose you and not anyone else.

What I am trying to say is nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do. But not many people will tell you how to do it. But I must say that if you enjoy playing video games don’t become a games journalist because there may be a few times when you are running on 3 hours sleep and have more than one game to review. I would just like you to think, is this what you really want to do? It’s really not all about free games.