Welcome to this two-part review on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011. I will be covering the Xbox 360. And Carl will be covering the Wii review. We have decided to review both formats because the Wii seems to have the upper hand on the 360 & PS3, when it comes to golf.

This year EA looks to hit the nail on its head with this seriously realistic release. Never in my life have I come across a Golf game so realistic to the actual game. I can only imagine what this game is like on the Wii ( That’s if Carl hasn’t smashed his TV up yet).

The first feature to pop out at me was a new feature called True Aim. You will discover this to when you spend 20 minutes or so playing the tutorials and trying to start the game. Of course you can skip the tutorials but if you want to re-cap or find out what’s new, you’re going to have to play them. But back to True Aim. True Aim helps up the difficulty of the game without making the game so frustratingly hard that you will either snap the disk or throw your controller through the TV.

Another “Great” feature that you will discover is Focus this is a lot like True Aim (Making the game much harder).  The Focus meter sits on the lower left screen and will deplete every time you play a shot with spin, power boost or putting assist. Once you run out of Focus you will not be able to use any of the feature I have mentioned earlier. But never fear there is a way to build your Focus back up and that is to play shots without using any of the skills.

Don’t get me wrong the new Focus feature is amazing but then you realize that you have been using the spin or power boost feature far too much. is that a good thing? Doubtful. But it certainly makes this game feel like you are standing on a dog leg par 5 instead  of sitting on the couch eating crisps.

The career mode hasn’t really seen many changes but then what can you really change in sport games. The only thing that has really changed is earning cash for winning tournaments or taking part.You will now be awarded or earn XP through out the game. And of course like many games you can spend your XP on building up your golfer, and its also worth mentioning that you can now re assign your XP if you are having trouble with the attributes that you have given your golfer.

You can now enter the Ryder Cup and take on the USA. Which seems like a good idea, I suppose this is what England vs Germany is to Football. But again EA seem to lack that drama when playing the Ryder Cup. When you win the Ryder Cup there is no real mention of your great win against the USA and that the commentary is a little flat considering what you have just done.

All being said Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 is a brilliant game. Breath taking courses and improvements that make you feel like you a really playing this game. This game has made me want to own a Wii more just get even closer to the Tiger Woods action.

8/10  Check back soon to catch out Wii review on this amazing title.